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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any available rentals?

Yes! We offer single family homes, duplexes - quadraplexes, apartments, and commercial/offices. You can view the Rentals under the "Rentals" Tab. Please call the office at (325) 658-9032 for additional information or questions! 

What are your rental approval guidelines?


  • These Tenant Selection Criteria are being provided pursuant to Property Code Section 92.3515. The following information is reviewed and considered during the application process Derogatory information may result in denial. Other adverse actions that might occur include, but are not limited to: requiring a Guarantor (co-signer), requiring additional/higher security deposit, raising rent to a higher amount than for another applicant, or doing a shorter term lease. If the application is denied, or another adverse action is taken based upon information obtained from the credit report, applicants will be notified in writing (this will be sent to the ‘current address’ listed on the application).

    1. Criminal History: A Criminal History report will be obtained on all  applicants and any occupants over the age of 18. Offenses will be weighed  by length of time since occurrence, nature of the offense, and number of  occurrences. Note: Criminal History involving minor occupants may  influence the outcome of the application.

    2. Rental History: Rental history will be verified using the information  provided on the application, and information obtained from the credit  report. Rental history received from previous landlords will affect the  outcome of the application. This includes, but is not limited to: eviction,  property damage, improperly supervised children, non- or slow-payment of  rent, poor housekeeping, lease violations, etc.

    3. Current Income: Monthly payments, including rent, must not exceed   70% of total income.
     Gross verifiable income must be:
     - Homes/Duplexes: three (3) times the amount of rent
     - Apartments: 2 ½ times the amount of rent for ‘plus electric’; 2 times when electricity is included.

    4. Credit History: A Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) report, commonly  referred to as a credit report, will be obtained in order to verify your credit  history. Approval of your application may be based upon information  obtained from this report. If your application is denied based upon  information obtained from your credit report, you will be notified. Our  criteria is not score based; we refer to your credit report as a source to  verify general payment history.

    Failure to Provide Accurate Information in Application: Failure to provide accurate information on the application, or providing information that is unverifiable, will adversely affect the approval process. False information on the application is grounds for denial. Resident is also subject to eviction if falsification is discovered after resident has taken possession of the property.

    Other: We require copies of Driver's License or Picture ID, Social Security card, and the most recent 30-days proof of income. With few exceptions, all persons over the age of 18 must fill out an application and sign the lease.


How long does the application process take?

We do our best to process all applications as quickly as possible! As a general rule, the application process takes 4 to 7 days, although sometimes we are able to complete the process in 1-2 days. Providing all required information promptly, and filling out the application completely, including phone numbers for previous landlords, will help speed up the process. Verifying previous rental history is the most common factor in delaying the application process. 

How much are application fees?

Application Fees are $30.00 Per Adult and $25 for each Guarantor. With few exceptions, any person over the age of 18, must complete an application and sign the lease. 

Do you accept pets?

Most properties accept pets with restrictions.  Restrictions vary by property. 

If allowed at the property you are applying for, the following apply:

- A picture of the pet(s) is required prior to approval. 

- A Pet Agreement must be signed, as well as a Pet Deposit & Fee paid or payment arranged, prior to bringing any pet brought onto property - even temporarily!!

There is additional Monthly Rent as well as a Pet Deposit and non-refundable Pet Fee.

Please call the office at (325) 658-9032 for restrictions, deposit, fee, and additional rent amounts on the property you are applying for.

~ Excelle Properties complies with Fair Housing/ADA requirements regarding animals. ~


Additional Information (Subject to Change!): 

o Pets must be spayed or neutered, and be in compliance with all City ordinances regarding animals.

o Minimum age is 6 months, must be fully house-trained. Must be current on vaccinations

o Apartments: 25 lbs., or less, at full-grown. Limit: 2 pets. 

o Duplexes (No Fence): breed restrictions apply. Limit: 2 pets. Some units have weight limits.

o Homes/Duplexes with fences: No weight limit; breed restrictions apply. Limit: 3 pets.          

o May not disturb neighbors or be a barking/biting hazard, and must not restrict access to your unit.

o Must remain on a leash when outside the unit (if no fence) and must clean up animal waste (fines are $25, and up, per occurrence!) Litter boxes/cages must be changed frequently to avoid odor issues.

o Due to insurance/liability reasons, we cannot accept any aggressive breeds including, but not limited to: Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweilers, or any non-domestic dogs, or any mix, or alternately named versions, of the above stated breeds. 

Apartment Pet fees/deposits:

One-pet:  $200 deposit + $150 fee + $20 additional rent

 Two-pets: $300 deposit + $150 fee + $20 per pet additional rent

Homes/Duplexes Pet Fees/Deposit:

One-Pet: $150 Fee/$200 Dep.          Two-Pets: $150 Fee/$300 Dep.     

 Three-Pets: $150 Fee/$400 Dep.     Additional Monthly Rent $20 Per Pet